Truth Tea


A cup of TRUTH tea is like having a conversation with yourself. An ocean of relaxation with waves of serenity with each sip. Let the decadent flavors dance on your pallet while bringing you closer to the ones you love!

✨ Relaxes muscles
✨ Lowers barrier
✨ Ensure loyalty
✨ Increases confidence

INGREDIENTS: Peppermint, ginger, sunflower, and lemongrass.

Peppermint: Calms an upset stomach, relaxes muscles, immunity booster, improves energy.

Ginger: Aids in digestion, reduces blood pressure, help increases confidence, antiproliferative

Sunflower: Cultivates honesty and loyalty, helps with lung ailments, reduces fever

Lemongrass: Healing herb, provides openness, aids in communication, love affairs, and new ideas

How to brew:

1.) Boil water on the stove in a pot.
2.) Once boiling, turn off stove.
3.) Place tea bag in the boiled water.
4.) Leave tea bag in water for several minutes.
5.) Then enjoy.